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Mide Music Company (MMC) is an enrolled association made to give world class items inside the esteemed chains of music production and performance. This ranges from music lessons, to productions, live bands, re-branding choir and appearances. The company gives a scope of items and administrations through its different offices going for satisfying the requests of its customers in all angles with respect to music.

We supply end to end services, including consultancy, live performances, music training, profiling, supply of musical instruments and the updating of music contents according to your desired requirements. Mide Music Company thus exist to meet the demands of the music sensitive and highly competitive companies in Nigeria through provision of goods and services directly required in the production and performance of music.

Our Vision
To become Africa’s most qualitative yet creative music centre for organisations, art and life loving Nigerians.


To provide high quality professional music services and performances to individuals, groups and organizations.

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