What is this site all about?

This is a skilled/expert service providers’ directory portal and Search Engine. Learn more from: expertworkers.ng/why-expertworkers-ng/

I tried registering on the site but I did not get any confirmation email what do I do?

Your confirmation email has been sent to you, its automatic, you may need to check your SPAM OR JUNK FOLDERS. OR ELSE check that the email address used was correct. Learn more here: expertworkers.ng/registration-tips/

Can anyone register on this platform?

Registration on this platform is needed if only you are an expert Artisan, professional, caregiver, businesses and organization who intend to be visible to clients every where in the country and beyond but everyone can be a user

Can I make payment on this site? If yes, what kind of currency do you accept?

You can make payment on this platform using: 1. Direct Bank deposit, 2.Credit/ Debit cards, 3. Cheque. The Nigerian Naira-NGN is the currency Used on the site. Other foreign currencies are applicable using the Credit/debit cards.

If I Register, are my personal information secured on this platform?

Yes, they are secured but its important you go through our PRIVACY POLICY before you register. Read our policy here: expertworkers.ng/home/privacy-policy/